Cafe Delphine

Cafe Delphine

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You've been asking for it and we're giving it to you! Cafe Delphine is BACK with a BUFFET ONLY. Enjoy over 25' of scrumptious southern-made specialties, soups, salads, and desserts every Sunday at Cafe Delphine. From fried chicken and shrimp to baked ham and jambalaya - we have it all!

Sunday Buffet: $25 PER PERSON

cafe delphine

Delphine Darden Stouff was a tribal member and medicine woman known for her snakebite cure. She was the last fluent speaker of the Chitimacha language. She was one of the participants who was recorded for hours giving language information (legends and stories) to people sent here to study and preserve the language in the 1930s. These important recordings are the basis for the Chitimacha language revitalization program today. Delphine was also a basket weaver.